What are Business Ethics of Your Real Estate Agent?


At BLUEFIN, we often encounter customers who have seen a house on a sales broker’s website. We used to believe that when we introduced a customer to another broker, they would be delighted. However, the opposite is often true. Instead of being happy that a buyer has been found, they express concern about their commission.

Here’s our perspective: When a homeowner wants to sell their property, they approach a sales broker, expecting them to do everything possible to sell the house quickly and at the highest possible price.

Unfortunately, the reality is often different. Sales brokers are often focused on their own profits, minimizing expenses while maximizing commissions.

On BLUEFIN, it is free for all brokers to list their properties. It doesn’t cost them money or time because we handle it for them.

One would assume that every broker would do this in the best interest of their clients. We thought so too. However, many brokers choose not to list on BLUEFIN. The reason? They would earn a lower commission. For these brokers, it is more lucrative to keep a house on the market for months or even years, waiting for a full commission, rather than accepting an offer from BLUEFIN, who already has a potential buyer.

This practice is neither ethical nor transparent to the sellers, yet it persists.

How does your real estate agent handle this situation? Have you ever asked them about it?

If you have doubts or simply want complete assurance, contact BLUEFIN and inquire. We are impartial and operate with integrity.

Conclusion: Understanding the priorities of your real estate agent is crucial when selling your property. Unfortunately, some agents prioritize their own commissions over the best interests of their clients. At BLUEFIN, we believe in transparency, fairness, and working in the best interest of both sellers and buyers. If you have concerns or questions about your current agent’s practices, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to provide unbiased advice and ensure your real estate journey is conducted with integrity.


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